American Trip

American Trip

Ready to rumble, ramble, take a trip and travel across the USA? I am. And so are a bunch of others, many whom have been out on the road for years.

Some of those experienced full-timers have shared their know-how about a specific area (traveling with dogs, workamping, homeschooling, Internet connections) and personal stories in the interview section below. Check it out!

If you have a story you want to share (and maybe a blog to market), email me at I would love to hear from you!

Destinations & Campgrounds

Visiting Joshua Tree National Park – Loved it, includes link to detailed information on all campgrounds.

Free Camping at Joshua Tree National Park – BLM land near the park at the popular Desert View Conservation Area, no fees.

Camping at Lake Mead in Las Vegas – A month and a half here, visited Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon & Hoover Dam. Loved the area.

Crooked River Ranch RV Park in Oregon – Best RV park near Smith Rock State Park, has golf course & they love vintage trailers.

Red Rock Canyon Campground in Las Vegas, Nevada – Stayed 2 nights & loved it.

Montana to Oregon Road Trip – Driving from Bend, Oregon to Missoula, Montana.

Rock Climbing & Camping at Smith Rock State Park – Want to visit Smith Rock State Park in Oregon? Go rock climbing or stay overnight in the campground?

Haystack Reservoir Campground, Oregon – Boating, fishing… read what this area is all about plus pricing information.

American Trip Interviews

Vandog Traveller Van Conversion with Wet Bath – How to convert a van and don’t forget the bathroom!

Introducing American Trip Travel Series – What this series is about plus what The Blog has to say about the whole thing. 🙂

Need Internet to Work on the Road? – This is a write-up I did on Technomadias book “The Mobile Internet Handbook“.

Living Full Time in an Airstream – Sharon Pieniak is a living full time in an airstream… incredibly cool and wish I could afford one of those!

Homeschooling on the Road – Zoe Racca of Boho Hobos describes schooling two young children on the road.

Workamping on the Road – Laura W. has been traveling in her small RV for 4 years and working at RV parks along the way.

Traveling with Dogs – A former pet sitter talks about what it is like to travel around the U.S with SIX dogs.

Little House Living in an RV – Melissa and her husband traveled the U.S. for a year in a RV and how to find low cost campgrounds.

Interview with Tiny r(E) – Andrew Odom and family hit the road in an RV after building a tiny home in North Carolina.

Resources & Articles on Traveling by Car, Motorhome or RV

I Hate Living In My Car – First few months being a car dweller.

5 Books About Living Full Time in a RVReview with highlights of each book.

5 Useful Books About Living in a Van – Short review with highlights found in each.

Free Overnight RV & Vintage Trailer Parking – Want to know where you can park it for a night and pay nothing?

Living Full Time in a Vintage Trailer – What it is like to live in a 15ft Aloha trailer full time… one that does not have a bathroom.

2 thoughts on “American Trip

  1. sounds great, Molly how do you find the time! That looks like a big endeavor. looks great, a place to see and read all about Glamping and more. Blessings your way

  2. Thank you & can’t wait to intervew you and hear more about your cool glampers and where you’ve been. I would love to be in sunny SoCal this winter… 🙂

    Time? I have too much time and get too little done… the truth at the moment. Sigh. 🙂

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