Need Internet to Work While Traveling? Here’s How!

Need Internet to Work While Traveling? Here’s How!

I’m a fan of – one of the higher quality websites out there about working, traveling and living nomadically in the U.S.

But I’m not a very good fan, I guess. After I emailed (twice) and kindly asked Chris and Cherie if they would do a An American Trip interview and they kindly agreed I completely blew them off… twice. But it was completely unintentional.

I got caught up in publishing my book and getting my son situated in college… amongst other things. Life as so commonly happens had other plans and my desire to write more about travel in the states in lieu of doing more myself got put on hold.

To make it up to them I finally had a little time to buy their book The Mobile Internet Handbook, read it and write this review. Wow. What a book it is and I can highly recommend it as an amazing resource for anyone seeking to be a mobile worker.

A quote from the introduction to the book:

“We set out to create the definitive resource for RVers wanting to stay connected while on the road. We hope that you will agree that we have.”

I do agree!

Technical Expertise Converted into Easy To Understand Practical Advice

The best part about the book in my opinion is the down-to-earth converstational-style language it is written in. They are trying to communicate complicated technical issues to all types of folks out there (high-end tech geeks like them, plus all us normal folks) yet don’t skimp on details. They just keep it as simple as possible while covering all the bases.

Then there’s the cool, fun ‘what you didn’t know but now are in the club‘ because you do info… like this:

XP has reached the point where it is no longer being supported with security updates from Microsoft, and the core security in XP is long obsolete. At the same time, the Russian Mafia is still very actively supporting Windows XP, and hacker tools for exploiting XP systems are thriving.

Now that is information you are not going to come across easily and that most average citizens would not have a clue about. Tech issues are complicated and these folks keep on top of not only the general stuff, but the down and dirty details most are unaware of also.

Technical Solutions for Varied Travel Environments

Another huge plus is the simpe fact since they travel full-time, all over the place and in all kinds of environments (RV parks, boondocking, etc.) the information in the book covers a large range of situations. The below is quoted from the book:

“But as a traveler, you will be moving around a lot – and in different locations, different carriers excel. You need to pick a carrier that is well suited not just to your home turf, but also for all the places you plan to go.”

Most of us who work online understand the issues of trying to work remotely… but coming up with solutions to fit a variety of circumstances can be dauting – many simply don’t have the time to research and problem solve. Let Chris and Cherie do it for you.

Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile… which will meet your needs at the lowest cost? In addition to giving detailed information on various options in tech language most non-techies can understand, they have a website that is updated regularily to compliment the information in the book: RV Mobile Internet Resource Center.

Things change constantly and they seemed determined to stay on top of current trends and keep their fans and followers informed. They have a free newsletter you can sign up for here: RV Mobile Internet Resource Center Newsletter.

So, my recommendation if you are a mobile worker/nomad wannabe is to buy the book and become as familiar as possible with all options out there for Internet service on the go, then sign-up for their newsletter and website updates to stay on top of things.

See you on the road, Molly

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