Red Rock Canyon Campground – Las Vegas, Nevada

After spending a little over a month at the Lake Mead National Recreational Area (loved it), the awesome teen and I decided to adventure to the other side of Las Vegas and check out Red Rock Canyon National Park.

Red Rock Canyon Campground - Las Vegas, Nevada
A Photo the Awesome Teen Took Hiking Before One of the Hikers Broke an Ankle and Then Had to be Medevaced Out by Helicopter

It is officially called ‘Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area’ and you can view some great photos the awesome teen took on his hiking adventure here: Hiking Red Rock Canyon.

When we showed up the RV spots were full but there was rustic tent camping sites open and we had a tent. So we parked, paid… then slept (very quietly) in the trailer anyways. It was too dark to set up the tent even if just for show.

We knew the next morning we would have to move and luckily some spots opened up for us and Chica Casita. It was before our New Year’s Eve evening of watching fireworks on the Las Vegas strip and the busiest time of the year.

The campground is closed during the blistering hot summer months from Memorial Day to Labor Day. There are 72 available sites but it seems much smaller than that when you are there. There are 14 walk-in rustic tent sites, the rest are open to campers or folks with an RV.

We stayed 2 nights and enjoyed it. It was peaceful even though at full capacity; there were no rowdy, rude campers. The campsite is a short 2 miles from the entrance to the park.

You can read more details about this campground on the Bureau of Land Management website: Red Rock Campground.

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