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For 2014 I am going to focus on travel in the U.S. as much as possible – more specifically, traveling through the United States by car. Maybe, just maybe, that car may even be pulling an RV… and will be writing much about that as well.

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Many tourists land in one destination, then rent a car and venture out into other areas of this grand, over-the-top in scale and girth of a country; and I will be asking how they did it.

I want to know not only how, but how much it cost and what the heck they thought about it.

And let’s not leave out the locals. I am interviewing intrepid mobile American adventurers too, who either take to the road in their RV full-time or part-time and travel throughout the United States.

We have a few travel plans in the works, but if we can’t afford to do many trips, or even if we can… I plan to interview other cool travel bloggers who are driving our great highways, byways and back roads in search of adventure and live vicariously through them as well!

Most who know me from my other website project – South America Living – know that my son and I have been a traveling nomadic family for years, living in many destinations throughout Latin America.

But what they don’t know, is in my younger days pre-baby, pre-college degree and pre-professional work in the tech industry… I was a bit of a vagabond too.

I loved outdoorsy, scenic locations and lived and worked on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands, Snoqualmie Falls, WA (during ski season) and a few other places.

I went to France solo in my early twenties and backpacked around Asia for 9 weeks celebrating my 25th birthday in Nepal. I was searching for a place to call home, somewhere to work and live. I never found a permanent place; enjoyed many as opposed to one and always wanted to see and do more.

I should have taught English in Asia and stayed longer but didn’t have my degree at the time (a huge help in finding work) and was too insecure to seek work without it.

I thankfully have learned much since then and developed a stronger sense of self and self confidence. I taught English briefly in El Puerto de Santa María, Spain with the awesome teen tagging along at the age of 4! But I still have yet to find that elusive place some call ‘home’.

What Does The Blog Say?

The Blog: “I want to drive around the U.S. too.”

Me: “Yeah, I’ve wanted to do more trips in the U.S., it’s just so darn expensive.”

The Blog: “Can I come with you?”

Me: “Hmmmm, can you sit still in a car? Handle long-distances without complaining and needing a bathroom break every half hour?”

The Blog: “I’ll have to get back to you on that one. How’s your driving? Can you get from one location to the next without getting us in a traffic accident or pulled over by the police? And don’t drive too fast with the windows rolled down (I don’t like my hair messed-up) and music played at full blast?”

Me: “I’ll have to get back to you on that one.”

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  1. Excellent and would love to feature you & and your hubbies adventures in the New Year. Happy holidays. Thanks much Cheryl, Molly

  2. Hey there lady! This sounds very fun and exciting and I would be honored on taking you up on your offer to interview us. 🙂 We don’t get to travel as much as many other RVers I’ve met (as we live this lifestyle to just be together as a whole family while my Husband travels for work), but we are having a blast with wherever life takes us! I look forward to following you and your son on your journey as well! Cheers!

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