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I had to get the ‘Vintage Trailer’ wording into the title. I am living in one at the moment – my 1968 15ft Aloha – and traveling in an older glamped up trailer is a current craze for many Americans hitting the road camping, workamping or just having a rolling good time.

Free Overnight RV & Vintage Trailer Parking - American Trip

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I am attempting to have one too (rolling good time…), we will see how it goes.

At the moment I’m stationary at a lovely RV park in the Northwest (pool, WiFi, water, electricity, no need to shed any tears of depravity) but hope to adventure further south in the winter.

As a low budget type of gal, I need resources of where I can park overnight for free while transiting from one location to another… gas is expensive enough.

Others need or want this information also, so here is what I came up with to add to our Road Trip USA travel series.

Free Overnight RV & Vintage Trailer Parking

Highway Rest Stops – This is our personal favorite. So easy, you can keep driving until ready to tuck in then just pull in and get comfy. Plus they all have restrooms… which our little trailer does not, so that’s a bonus.

Pilot Flying J’s Travel Centers – Flying J’s welcome overnight parking and cater to traveling RVers.

Really cool? They have a full listing of all locations (around 650) in each state with information on what amenities they offer. Flying J’s – you ROCK!

Download Flying J’s List of Locations & Amenities.

Cracker Barrels – If you research online, the most ‘raves’ about overnight parking will come from customers of Cracker Barrel; folks love to park and eat at these restaurant locations.

And most comments will include the fact that they asked the restaurant manager before staying overnight in the parking lot… take note.

WalMart – Not a top pick for many but convenient if you need it and find a Wallys that allows trailers.

Simple rule of thumb is that it is ok to park overnight in the WalMart parking lot, unless you find the store listed on this ‘overnight parking prohibited’ list of locations: No Overnight Parking.

Update March 2016: Scratch that! Just give it a go… even if there are signs posted. We stayed at a bunch that say they don’t allow it but then do – one time right under a sign that said no overnight parking as arrived at night and I didn’t see it… the security guy kindly pointed it out the next day, and then let us stay a second night.

So, scratch that list above unless you are more law abiding than obviously I am. I’ve been known to jaywalk at times too… complete rebel.

The link goes to a page with stores in all U.S. states that say they do NOT allow RV’s to park overnight. There is also a PDF file with all the information that you can download for free here.

Rumour has it that local campgrounds in the areas pressure local government or the corporate office directly to prohibit free overnight parking as it takes away business.

Camping World – Similar to WalMart locations, you can give any Camping World store a try if you come across one and need to park for the night… just ask first. Some will allow overnight parking, others will not.

Truck Stops – “Hello there big fella…”. Get used to saying that if you plan to stop overnight at truck stops… just kidding!

Some folks love this option (I have never stayed at a truck stop as of yet), others don’t due to the smell of diesel and all-night noise. But it is free, so may be worth a try at some point.

What Does The Blog Say?

The Blog: “I am into rolling good times, can I come too?”

Me: “Blog, we have already had this discussion if you do not recall. Can you sit for hours on end in a vehicle (nice Jeep) without being a pain in the arse?”

The Blog: “I do not recall that conversation. And can you be a little nicer, my feelings are hurt.”

Me: “All right, we start afresh. Can you be packed up and ready in a few weeks?”

The Blog: “I’m scheduled through 2015. can we get fresh in 2016?”

Me: “Start afresh, yes… get fresh, not so sure. Most likely not but I will keep it under consideration.”

The Blog: “I can be very considerate. See you in 2016.”

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