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Are you interested in publishing an e-book but have no idea where to start, much less what it will take to get the job done? You are in the right place. And I can help you accomplish this goal at a price you can afford.

Writing & Editing

Whether I work as a ghostwriter or to improve an existing written work, I can handle your project from start to finish – of whatever length.

From ghostwriting the entire book to copy editing or giving your completed manuscript that’s been gaining electronic dust hidden away in a file on your computer a sharp-eyed overhaul, I’m ready for the task.

What about a short, informational pamphlet for your inbound marketing program? Here is an example of a nine page free report: 5 Surefire Ways to Boost Your Mood.

For pricing, contact me and tell me about your project so I can give you a qoute: molly@mollymchugh.com.

Designing Your E-Book Cover

Do you need an e-book cover? With your input and a high resolution stock image we can design a cover you will love – and that could be used with a paperback version of your project as well.

Want to have a POD (print on demand) paperback version of your book, that will be sold on Amazon next to your Kindle e-book and on Createspace? How about to put on your coffee table? Then you will need to design two more parts of your book cover; the spine and the back.

It’s fun as you get to write some really snazzy marketing text that describes the book to a potential reader, highlighting its highpoints.

Often, it is where authors also put a photo of themselves and some brief background information. There are many ways to design the spine and backcover, you decide how you want it to look then we get it done to your satisfaction.

Formatting Your E-Book

Whether it is written by you, me or a combination of both of us – your e-book needs to be formatted to look professional. In addition, formatting gives you control over how the interior of your book will look – such as dropcase letters for text at the beginning of chapters, placement of chapter titles, etc.

You can upload a simple .pdf file or Word.doc using Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform but it will not display as nicely as a formatted .mobi file would and possibly not display well on some devices.

MOBI is a file format specific for e-readers and is allowed by Amazon. Amazon’s proprietary format – AZW – is similar to MOBI but has limitations i.e. an e-book formatted using AZW can only be purchased from Amazon’s online bookstore.

You can publish your e-book on many platforms and outside of Amazon, EPUB file format is commonly used. EPUB, like MOBI, will display well on most e-readers such as Nook (Barne’s & Noble), Appleā€™s iBooks, Adobe Digital Editions, Aldiko on Android and many others – there are close to 300 different e-readers on the market.

Publishing Your E-Book on Amazon

This is not a complicated process. You will need the final version of your book (hopefully in mobi file format) and a .jpg of your book cover. Then we set up your account with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), walk through the steps (choosing pricing, distribution, etc.), upload the book and cover and click ‘publish’. It really is that simple.

Screenshot of My Kindle Direct Publishing Account Homepage
Screenshot of My Kindle Direct Publishing Account Homepage

You then have a homepage with your KDP account where you can make changes to your book at any time (upload a revised document or new cover) and view sales information (how many folks bought your book, what percentage of the sales you earned). And you can change the price of your book whenever you want; you can offer a free day, lower or increase the price, etc.

Publishing as a Paperback on Createspace

Createspace is Amazon’s print on demand (POD) service. POD means the book is not sitting in stacks of boxes in a wharehouse but housed in their computer system and printed out and sent when a customer buys the book.

Once you have your completed manuscript – polished and ready for print – we can easily get your book up on Createspace and get you published, complete with an ISBN which will make your book available for distribution in book stores and other outlets.

Publishing a paperback book is a bit complicated, and there are a few hoops to jump through to get it approved by Createspace for publication but we can get it done. I can either do it for you or help you complete the process yourself.

Ready to Complete Your E-Book Project? Contact Me

I will help as much or as little is needed and make sure the final product is something you love. Reasonable rates. Email me or fill out the contact form. molly@mollymchugh.com.

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