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I’m a former web developer turned writer with 15+ years experience. I’ve designed, written and published numerous blogs, websites and e-books and have written about technology, enterprise security, business intelligence, content marketing, health, travel, and real estate. I can make any difficult subject matter easy-to-understand and enjoyable to read.           View Portfolio         Download Resume.pdf

A Little Background Information

I lived abroad with my son and worked as a travel writer for nine years, repatriating back to the U.S. in May, 2012. To document our adventures I picked up a pen, slung a camera around my neck and wrote about our experiences by creating blogs, websites, e-books and many feature articles.

I now focus on using that experience to meet the needs of my clients. Whether it is helping you get more eyeballs on your blog with fresh content, creating dazzling website copy about your product or writing a white paper to explain and advertise your company’s specialized technology – I am here to help.


“Molly was a freelance writer on the Propecta content team for just under a year, and we were sad to see her go when it was time to move on. She completed scores of content assignments for our agency and each one became a valuable asset for our clients content marketing and SEO campaigns.”

“Molly is both a gifted and diligent writer. She communicates efficiently, turns in assignments on time, responds well to constructive feedback, and always does her best to support the project she is working on. She accepts and rises to challenges, manages her own workload and schedule effectively, and fits in well with a remote team.”

“Several of our editors have worked with Molly for a variety of content needs, for a variety of clients/industries, and she has consistently delivered value. It has been our pleasure to work with her.”

– Alexis Wisniewski, Editor and Search Strategist at Propecta.

“I have worked with Molly on a number of assignments now and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Once assigned Molly gets to work straight away, asks some really great questions and comes back with suggestions to improve the end result. I look forward to working with her again soon.”

– Roger Wilks, Head of Operations and Delivery, SevenC3.

“Molly is a responsive and reliable writer. It’s been a pleasure to work with someone who researches effectively and takes on challenging writing topics. Along with her positivity and patience, I find that her wide skill set has turned her into a true asset to the team.”

– Michael Pasco, Digital Content Strategist for Zog Media.

“Molly is a pleasure to work with. She is a wonderful writer and completes her assignments on time. I would highly recommend Molly for any of your writing needs.”

– Sheryl Bahr, Owner of Video One Repair.

“I hired Molly online. I wanted a website and was unsure just how to go about it. I somehow clicked with Molly. What amazed me was her ability to hear what I wanted even when I was not sure. She took my thoughts and ideas and made them into an amazing site for me.”

“She was wonderful to work with as well.I needed a fair amount of hand holding trying to put concepts into reality, and she really helped me with this. And, I feel I got a great price as well. I love how she developed my site and her very insightful input along the way. I cannot recommend her enough!! thanks Molly!”

– John & Janaea Barnard, Owners of Blue Whale Sail.

“I bought Molly’s South America Living website and could not be happier. She walked me through every step of how to work with WordPress, write new posts and helped me redesign the site to fit my style. Highly Recommend.”

– Andy Alexander, Former Advertising Executive.

“Molly is a joy to work with. When she was freelancing as a travel writer several years ago, she wrote a few fine pieces for www.TransitionsAbroad.com on her travels with her son through South America, and they were unique, well-written, and adventurous.”

– Gregory Hubbs, Editor-in-Chief Transitions Abroad.

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