About Molly McHugh

I’m a former web developer turned writer with 15+ years experience. I’ve designed, written and published numerous blogs, websites and e-books. I’ve written about technology, content marketing, health, travel, and much more.       Download Resume.pdf

A Little Background Information

I lived abroad with my son and worked as a travel writer for nine years, repatriating back to the U.S. in May, 2012. To document our adventures I picked up a pen, slung a camera around my neck and wrote about our experiences by creating blogs, websites, e-books and many feature articles.

I now focus on using that experience to meet the needs of my clients. Whether it is helping you get more eyeballs on your blog with fresh content, creating dazzling website copy about your product or writing a white paper to explain and advertise your company’s specialized technology – I am here to help.

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