Visiting Joshua Tree National Park

Hands down, up and all around I would ...

Spanish Bluebells Spotted During a Hike, A Bit of Color Amongst the Pale Palette of a Landscape.

Skull Hollow Campground Near Smith Rock State Park

Skull Hollow Campground is where ...

The Story of the Bipolar Spectrum

Once upon a time, in a land far far away (the psych void) there was a group of psychiatrists. ...

Vandog Traveller Van Conversion With Wet Bath

Had to highlight the bathroom thing. Vandog ...

Before and After Images of Vandog Traveller's Awesome Van Conversion

Help Your Doctor By Learning About Psych Med Side Effects

Psych docs don't have an easy job. Regular ...

A Very Good Question

Free Camping at Joshua Tree

When you drive through the teeny town of ...

Entrance to BLM

Fun Things To Do in Mazatlan, Mexico

As the photographs below attest, we had a ...

Snapshots of Some of our Down Time in Mexico, When We Weren't Busy with Friends or School

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