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I make tech stuff easy to understand.

Kubernetes container management system, DevSecOps, machine learning decision trees, NLP, why indoor mapping is important for smart buildings, SaaS, how to build a continuous delivery pipeline, the ROI of mobile workforce management… these are the kinds of things I write about.

Here are a few samples of my work:

Field Service Management Checklist

Molly McHugh Freelance Writer
AI vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning
What is Business Intelligence (BI)?
Interoperability and the Modern Healthcare Tech Stack

“Molly is a responsive and reliable writer. It’s been a pleasure to work with someone who researches effectively and takes on challenging writing topics. Along with her positivity and patience, I find that her wide skill set has turned her into a true asset to the team.”

– Michael Pasco, Zog Media


Molly McHugh Freelance Writer
Molly McHugh Freelance Writer Molly McHugh Freelance Writer

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