I am Now An Amazon Affiliate Partner

Woohoo, me and Amazon are now partners in crime. Hehe. For you who think I don’t understand the basics of grammar and am not just being a bit silly… I will update the first sentence to read “Amazon and I”.

I am Now An Amazon Affiliate Partner

I will put links to Amazon in every post and on this website to entice my visitors to use the link to make their puchase. As a single Mom who is trying to make additional income from blogging it is a worthwhile effort for me to partake in.

What is the Amazon Affiliate Program?

The Amazon Affiliate Program is simply a way for bloggers to advertise for Amazon on their website, then get a small referral fee for every purchase a visitor from the site may make on Amazon.com.

I am Now An Amazon Affiliate Partner
Quoted from Amazon Associates Program

To read about the program click here: Amazon Associates.

Why Not Give it a Shot?

That is the question I asked myself when I read about the program and of bloggers who make a few hundered dollars a month by participating.

Some make over a thousand a month, but it is all dependent on the number of visitors you have to your website and how interactive those visitors are, i.e. if they will click on the link you provide them or not.

Thanks for Reading My Blog!

I get only around 2,000 visitors per month presently, but this blog is new and just beginning to take shape.

When I started this website in January, 2014 it was meant to be a portfolio site to help me get freelance writing and editing assignments. And to keepsake our travel photos.

Now it is morphing into a bit more, with a blogging focus on Bipolar Disorder and on Travel in the United States.

Much more to come, thanks for following and commenting. Molly

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