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Let me manage your website content so that it is fresh, keeps visitors coming back for more and helps you grow your business. While you focus on the really hard stuff; running your business.

Content Management

You have a company website but it has been neglected as a business priority. It’s been left to gain electronic dust while you miss out on potential new leads and customers.

We can easily change that, and get your online presence back to where it should be; competing with other businesses in your niche for eyeballs and clicks from your target audience.

Adding a Blog to an Existing Website

You have a blog on your company website or you don’t, but either way you need one. And then you need a content specialist to craft compelling articles and post to the blog at regular intervals plus share the posts on your social media channels.

“Well thought-out, SEO optimized blog posts will deepen engagement with your existing customers, help attract new readers, produce tangible leads for your sales team and increase traffic to your site from Google and other search engines.”

In addition to managing your content tasks, I can easily add a blog to any website – or help you start one from scratch using WordPress. Then you sit back and reap the benefits.

Breathe New Life Into Old Posts

You have a site, loved it at the start but then let the project slip away while you moved on to more important tasks. Updating old content on an existing company website focusing on search engine optimization (SEO) will make the articles rank higher in Google.

The higher an article ranks, the more likely others will see and click on the post.

Popular posts from times past can become popular again, with just a little careful tweaking and updating. It may need a new headline, removal of outdated information and some current sourced facts and data blended-in it but is still usable.

Weave in the old with the new, and breathe new life into your business with revamped older posts.

Add a Newsletter

Did you let the site go stagnate as you weren’t sure what to write about? Content options are endless – with the right writer making sure it fits your business style and goals.

A monthly newsletter can keep your customers up-to-date on what is going on behind the scenes as well as offer incentives for them to buy new products and services.

Another great way to update an existing company site and give more value to your loyal readers and fans.

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