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I recently came across a ‘getting ready for a camping trip‘ list someone had very thoughtfully compiled and shared on Facebook, asking for comments and feedback from others.

More of What My Checklist Would Look Like... With a Lot More Scribbles and 'Wine' Added-in :)
More of What My Checklist Would Look Like… With a Lot More Scribbles and ‘Wine’ Added-in 🙂

It was so well organized and had a bunch of items listed that I would not have thought of so I asked if I could share it for the American Trip travel series. She said yes, thank you Carolyn!

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Items You May Want to Take on an Extended Camping Trip or if Full-time RVing

Items for Shelter: Sleeping Tents, Shade Tent, Several Tarps, Walking Sticks, Extra Stakes, Mallet, Paracord & Bungees, Air Mattress, Pump, Batteries, Throw Line & Climbing Gear, Extension Poles & Bowl (To support canopy center, without ripping a hole in the tarp.)

Items for Sanitation: Laundry Bags, Sanitary Gloves (in a sealed baggie), Trash Bags & Grocery Bags, Bandaids, Meds, Candied Ginger, Herbal Balm, Tweezers, Safety Pins, Mirror, & Q-tips, Toilet Paper, Tissues, & Paper Towels (+bungee to hang), Potty and Homemade Cleaning Spray.

Clothing & Bedding: T-shirts or tank tops, Long sleeved shirt, Skirts or shorts, Pants, Belt, Sweatshirt, PJs ~ (Warm & Cold), Socks, Underwear, Bathing suit & cover up, Water shoes & Sneakers, Floppy Hat & Sunglasses, Sheets, Pillows, Blankets, Moving pad (For under mattress to prevent sliding and help insulate.), Plastic Sheet for Bed Cover (In case of tent leaks, or inclement weather.)

Items for Pets: Food & Bowls, Leash & Harness, Toys & Treats, Bed & Blanket.

Safety Items: Lantern, Flashlights, Batteries, & Propane, Matches, Lighters, Long-nose Lighter, & Fire Starters, Fire Extinguisher, Wheelbarrow top & Blocks (For cooking fires where you aren’t allowed to burn on the ground.), Multi-tool, Knife, Pliers w/, Wire Cutters, Work Gloves, Shovel, Rake, Saw, & Digging Bar, Broom & Dustpan, Duct Tape, Electrical Tape, & Scissors, Clothesline & Clips.

Personal Care: Towels, Washcloths, Vitamins, Soap,, Lotion, & Deodorant, Brush, Hair Ties, Clips, & Headbands, Toothpaste & Toothbrushes, Bug Spray & Sunblock, Eco-Friendly Baby Wipes, Sewing Kit, Nail Clippers, Female Supplies.

Kitchen Items: Folding Tables, Camp Stove, Boards, Propane, Spatula, Serving Spoon, & Chopping Knife, Pot, Pan, & Lids, Mixing Bowl, Measuring Cups & Spoons, Cutting Board, Peeler, and Pasta Strainer, Pot Holder & Kitchen Sponge, Dish Soap & Collapsible Strainer, Cups, Jars, Plates, Bowls, and Utensils Straws, Corkscrew, Aluminum Foil, 2 x Coolers (& Lots of ICE!), Cast Iron / Dutch Oven.

Food Items: Cooking Oil, Salt, Pepper, Spices, and Sugar, Condiments, Plenty of Water (1 gallon, per person, per 24 hours), Fig Bars, Chips, & Snacks, Cereal / Granola, Overnight Oatmeal, Fruit, Several Gal of Tea (A few Frozen), 4 x Qts of Coffee w/ sugar, Avocados, Hummus, & Pita Chips, Bread, Cashew Butter & Chia, Jelly, Cookies & Breakfast Muffins, Milk (Shelf Stable?), Booze (wink emoticon – remember, this was first posted on Facebook), Pasta & Pre-cooked Rice, Carrots & Potatoes, Onions & Garlic (Prepped), Smores Cones, Burritos w/ Refried Beans, Dahl & Rice, Rolls/Biscuits, Seitan & Chickpeas.

Misc. Items: Camping Chairs, Table Cloth & Clips, Umbrella, Pens, Pencils, Sharpie, Book, Small bag/purse, Cards & Travel Friendly Games, Tapestries, 5 gal bucket w/ lid, Candles, Tikis, & Citronella, Binder Clips & Twist Ties, Guitar, Uke, Drum, Harmonica, & Jaw Harp.

WOW, What a List!

Seriously… would you think of half of those items? I wouldn’t! But it’s a great list to help you think of what things you may want to bring if hitting the road for long-term travel in a van or RV or for an extended camping trip.

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Thanks for including the link to our Etsy shop!

I’d love to hear any feedback about what other people add to this ideas list. 😀