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You know the value of a blog and had fun setting one up. Then you left it to die a slow, lonely death by rarely updating with new content, not focusing on SEO and not understanding who your target audience is and what type of content they may want. Not good!

Let’s change that scenario and get your blog back up on Google’s radar and back to doing the work it is supposed to be doing; helping you attract and retain new customers for your business.

Fresh, Engaging Content That Informs

High-quality, original blog posts posted at regular intervals will keep your blog attracting new readers. Help you attract new readers, new leads and new potential customers passively from that time on. Anytime someone clicks on the post in the future, you’ve landed a potential new customer.

The following is a quote from the free e-book offered by Marcus Sheridan ( “Inbound and Content Marketing Made Easy”:

“Blogs aren’t just about producing search engine traffic. They teach, build trust, and ultimately earn sales with existing customers and persons in your sales funnel. Out of 500 visitors that come to my site, if only 30 are in my area but came to the site because of a search engine query stemming from my blog, it was more than worth it, as those 30 visitors never would have found me otherwise.”

No sales calls, expensive email or direct mail marketing campaigns… all you need is a well-designed blog with high-quality, compelling content written for your target audience posted at regular intervals i.e. once or twice a week.

Then use that blog post in your email marketing efforts, with a short description and link to your blog.

“Blogging for your business is a great way to attract and convert new leads. In fact, B2B companies with active blogs tend to generate 67 percent more leads every month as opposed to those who don’t regularly blog.”

Source: Powerful Strategies for Strengthening Your Business Blog.

Content Optimized for Lead Generation and Conversion

High-quality content is not just about writing well-researched, punchy articles that your readers love, it is also about some very important nitty gritty details. Important details included within the content that give it optimal force as an inbound marketing tool.

Details such as: calls-to-action (CTAs) with every post, inviting your readers to subscribe to your blog and providing information of value on a variety of topics in your niche business area.

All things I can easily do for you.

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